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Find a Survival Location

Includes Killshot safe-zones training, booklet and documentary to bring you up to speed on everything Dames and his team have uncovered about this solar disaster.

Behind Closed Doors

The largest release of classified Remote Viewing project results from Major Ed Dames in history. Almost 20 topics discussed.

The Alien Agenda

Major Dames reveales everything he knows about the ET agenda, and what it all has to do with the approaching Killshot event!

Behind Closed Doors 3-DVD Set

It’s no secret there are Remote Viewing projects that were so top-secret that Major Ed Dames couldn't discuss them publicly. In fact, these topics could only be discussed behind-closed-doors at live events, and not without a signed non-disclosure agreement from attendees! Now that Major Dames has concluded his FINAL national Remote Viewing and Killshot tours, there has been an outspoken demand by the public for Major Ed Dames to expose everything he knows about various life changing and enigma based projects before it’s too late. Now that Major Dames believes we are dangerously close to the start of the Killshot (and going against his RV team’s advice) he's decided to “open the vault” and release the findings to almost 30 top-secret Remote viewing projects from over the last 20 years!

Major Ed Dames Exposes Almost 30 Topics:

New World Order
Nuclear Terrorism
Time Travel
Sanctuary Locations
Activity on the Moon
Solar Activity
Solar Effects on Earth
US Government Secrets
Chlorella Treatments
Ghosts / apparitions
Mafia Secrets
Operation Zombie Apocalypse
Electromagnetic radiation
EMP Effects on Earth

Chaco Canyon
Alien Interaction
Alien Secrets
Transcendental Tech
Animal Mutilation
Military Aircraft
Crop Circles
Uni-bomber Secrets
Future of Communications
Human Microchipping
Remote Viewing Secrets
Recent Politics

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